Thursday, August 22, 2013

Roxy is FREE!

We often receive updates after our dogs are adopted.  The following update came with a fabulous photo - enjoy!

"Roxy (previously Giggles) is doing great. She has settled in nicely and seems happy with life. She is learning lots of new things every day. We are working on house-training and some obedience training every day, she is doing her best and is coming on great. Molly (our older dog) is showing her the ropes. Roxy has already made friends with all the neighbors in the street and is slowly getting to know the dogs. One of her favorite things to do is walk the boys to the school bus each morning and greet all the kids one by one. She has worked her way into more than our hearts. She is such a sweetie and we feel blessed to have her. Thank you for rescuing her. I hope you enjoy this photo of Roxy doing another of her favorite things – being free!!"

Roxy is free!