Thursday, October 31, 2013

Black Dog Syndrome Begins at the Puppy Mill

There's an unfortunate phenomena in the dog rescue/shelter world called Black Dog Syndrome. According to many shelter studies, black dogs are challenging to get adopted and are more likely to be euthanized in a kill shelter facility.

National Mill Dog Rescue has recently become aware of a new twist to this syndrome - the unfortunate reality for many black puppies born in puppy mills. Apparently, it's becoming more and more common for the pet stores to refuse black puppies because they are more difficult to sell to the public. Since the pet stores won't order them, the puppy brokers refuse to purchase black puppies from the puppy mills.

We are learning that it is becoming common for some breeders to automatically kill any black puppies born at their facility.  According to current commercial breeding standards, breeders can dispose of their unwanted 'livestock'.
Here at National Mill Dog Rescue it doesn't matter if a dog is young or old, healthy or sick, black or white. Every dog we are able to rescue deserves a chance at a life outside of the cage.  

Your donations allow us to make these decisions for every dog regardless of their health, breed, age, or COLOR. We can only rescue as many dogs as our funding will allow.


  1. This is why i rescue dogs who are black with tan markings, because people associate them with Rotties and Dobi's which they usually aren't. Once I move to a bigger place I plan on rescuing more than my current two. <3

  2. Sad that a good dog is judged on color. I have two black dogs and I love them dearly and quite honestly, it never occurred to me to think about color when rescuing or adopting a dog. That is so sad.

  3. It is not racism per se, it is that many people think that black dogs look scarier and meaner, so they will select the blond pup instead. Also, many breeds trained to be more aggressive as guard dogs are black, which reinforces this perception. Our black rescue dog is very gentle ans social, but we notice that some people will avoid her while they will approach our golden.

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