Thursday, October 24, 2013

CJ and Bugsy, NMDR Ambassadors

At National Mill Dog Rescue, we are very proud of our youth volunteers, for they are the future of educating the public about puppy mills.  CJ, one of our youth volunteers, has ADHD and during the summer months he attended group therapy once a week.  His last session was "Bring Your Pet to Group Day" and CJ chose to take Bugsy, the puppy mill survivor his family adopted from National Mill Dog Rescue. CJ  was really excited to share Bugsy with his new group of friends and tell them all about puppy mills. 
CJ's mom provided the following update:

"CJ talked to a group of 10 children and adults about Bugsy.  He explained where Bugsy came from and he talked about puppy mills, how the dogs are treated, and how they are made to have babies for pet stores.  He then showed everyone National Mill Dog Rescue's website and talked about how NMDR rescues dogs from the mills, brings them back to the kennel and explained how they then there get fresh water, good food, soft beds, toys, blankets and love for the first time in their lives. He also shared that he has been volunteering sometimes on Saturday mornings a he really loves the chance to help the dogs. I am so proud of him!  If only one person in that room heard  what he said, I consider that a success."


  1. Great job CJ, keep up the good work :)

  2. good job... teach the kids about adoption.. to many adults just aren't bright enough to get it..

  3. Wow CJ I so proud of you !!!! Teddy and Harley need all the help they can get to spread the word !!!

  4. Yes, our children are our future and our legacy. We all need to do our best in providing for others, both animal and human! CJ sets a great example for all of us!! Thank you CJ!! You ROCK! And Thank YOU NMDR, for ALL you do to help those pups reach a good life!