Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Henry's Story - 25 Days of Freedom

It's not always about National Mill Dog Rescue; there are many other amazing people and organizations in the world who rescue animals.  The following is about a rescuer named Patrick, and like others he gives of himself expecting nothing in return, choosing selflessness over selfishness.  Unfortunately, sometimes animal rescue stories don't have the happiest endings.
"In July 2013, Patrick, a dog-loving big rig driver from Texas learned of a horrific puppy mill a couple of hours from his home. The mill predominantly produces Australian Shepherds, the breed Patrick has known and loved for many years. He knew he wanted to do something to help these dogs, something that would give them a chance for a hopeful, healing future. Patrick did his homework, he worked tirelessly to try to find the most promising solutions. He ran into obstacles but he didn't get discouraged, he persevered. In early August, after learning all about what we do, Patrick contacted NMDR asking for guidance, encouragement and perhaps even a safe haven to house some of the Aussies, should he be able to spring them free. In every way, Patrick has done an amazing job becoming the voice of the dogs on that property and he has singlehandedly rescued 17 of them, with just a handful more to go. We are so proud of his efforts and have made a lifelong rescue friend. This video is the story of one of the dogs that Patrick rescued and although the ending is so terribly sad, I am so grateful that Henry knew 25 days of love and freedom."  ~ Theresa Strader, NMDR founder


  1. Patrick has got to be one of the strongest and most diligent rescue working people I know and I can honestly say he is actually in rescue only "For The Dogs" not the for the glory or recognition. He never gave up on helping these dogs and others that came before them. I met Patrick by coincidence thru rescue due to him seeking answers/advice on my facebook regarding another breeder situation he knew of at that time (i'm just a very small rescuer who could only take in a few aussies at a time before I became unemployed). Since the day I talked to him he has never ceased to amaze me with his diligence and hard work dedicated to rescuing and saving dogs in awful situations. Patrick is so genuine in his rescue efforts and is always the first to step up and take on the toughest challenges and do all the work needed to save dogs in desperate need of rescue from horrible situations. He is a true hero.

  2. I'm so glad Henry had 25 days. At least he knew love, a full tummy and comfort even if it was such a short time. The music with this video is very moving, what is it?

  3. I would like to think that animal cruelty charges were brought against Henry's
    puppy mill owners.

    God will deal with them in the end.

    Rest in peace Henry, you were a good boy.