Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Effie Mae Needs Long Term Medical Care

Poor little Effie Mae has had a very rough life, but she is a fighter to have made it this far!  Please help provide the funding to support Effie's ongoing medical care.

The vet estimates Effie Mae's age to be approximately 13 years. That's a very long time for such a little Chihuahua to have survived under the circumstances she endured. Now she will require ongoing medical care. She is currently being tested for Addison's and will require a liver biopsy to rule out issues found in her bloodwork. The costs of follow-up visits to the vet for regular monitoring and testing, plus daily medications will mount quickly. We're asking for your help in making sure Effie Mae has the best chance possible to be happy and comfortable for the rest of her days.

One of our greatest prides at National Mill Dog Rescue is giving every dog we rescue the very best chance possible for a happy and healthy life and our fans play a huge role in making that happen. Please consider a donation of whatever is feasible for you to help Effie Mae. We will keep you updated regularly on her progress.

Please CLICK HERE to donate!

Donations can also be mailed to:
Effie Mae Fund
c/o National Mill Dog Rescue
PO Box 88468
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
(payable to NMDR)

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  1. Poor Effie :( . I hope that little cute chihuahua can survive or even find his own caring family.