Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A First Time Rescuer's Story

Spencer recently joined our rescue team and she wrote the following story about her experience rescuing puppy mill dogs with National Mill Dog Rescue for the first time.

Spencer with puppy mill survivor, Whitney
"It's been a long three days and I am so happy to be home! 86 dogs were rescued this weekend and I can't believe I was there to witness it first hand. I was honored to be part of a team of 6 incredibly smart and caring women that continuously showed me that there are really great people in this world. I've been asked several times if my experience was what I expected, I'm not sure anything in the world can prepare you for a puppy mill. The condition, the smell, the faces are all something I will never forget but what I will wrestle with everyday is the “breeders”. One in particular greeted us with a huge cheerful welcome which surprised me. As I watched him bring out each dog with little regard for their comfort or dignity and plop them into the arms of our rescuers it was very difficult to understand his point of view. One of this breeders employees mentioned that he had a 3 or 4 yr old Golden Retriever that did not want to breed anymore and was willing to turn over to National Mill Dog Rescue. My ears immediately perked up and the thought of leaving her with this man made me sick. With limited room on board it was a stretch but as always, Theresa made it happen. The man brought her out, she was so scared and stayed flat on the ground. Later that night as we serviced the dogs, I stayed with the Golden and watched her frantically run around the yard, ignoring my gaze and avoiding my touch. Eventually she would come over and stand somewhat close to me, then she would lay down beside me. By the end of the evening she would rolled over on her back accepting belly rubs. As I loaded her back into her kennel I noticed my hands were black just from patting her. Her temporary name is Whitney until she finds her forever home.

I hope and pray like so many others that one day rescues like this one won't be needed and that every animal will be treated with kindness and that everyone human will understand why.

I can't thank Theresa Strader of National Mill Dog Rescue enough for making this happen."

Spencer is a 23 year old communications major at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  After college she plans to get involved in non-profit, specifically animal rescue.  Spencer has 5 dogs: Willie, a Black Lab/Spaniel mix, Delaney, Sadie, Scout and Bryn Butter who are Golden Retrievers, and the most recent addition to her family, a Brittany Spaniel named Hunter, her first attempt at fostering - she failed of course!  Spencer said she has grown up with dogs and can't imagine life without them.  She is currently fostering a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier named Chloe.

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  1. Thank you for stepping up and making a difference. My heart hurts for all of those pups in need of humanity , Thank you Spencer You are my hero!!!

  2. So happy to see a young woman to carry on the work for the next generation.

  3. Thank you Spencer, and I know everyone associated with National Mill Dog Rescue is so happy you have joined the rescue team. Your care, your willingness, and your efforts are deeply appreciated and needed--for the dogs. And thank you for sharing the story of your first rescue mission that took place this past weekend. The story of Whitney is heartbreaking and heartwarming, all at the same time. Thank God she is in the care of NMDR. It breaks my heart to think of what her life has been up to this point.

  4. I struggle just reading about puppy mills...can not imagine seeing one! You all are amazing, we need more people like you in this world!

  5. Reading this was amazing! I hope I will be able to be part of the rescue team one day! Thankyou fir saving thwse poor darlings!

  6. I am an animal lover. I stopped eating non-veg foods as soon as I saw animal-torture videos. Its time for now to go ahead and join rescue time.

    Your post was definitely a motivation.

  7. Very interesting blog. I would like to follow this blog. Could you please post more.

  8. I'm proud of you. You are definitely a dog lover and you have a kind heart. Dogs or even other pets needs our protection. They give us unconditional love and we must protect them in return. I have a golden retriever and as I can see with my kids they really love him and I know he is protecting my kids. Thanks for this post.