Monday, December 2, 2013

Coins for the Canines

Reportedly, there are over $10 billion U.S. coins currently gathering dust as spare change in piggy banks and old cookie tins in homes all across America. If you’re like us, they clutter our cars, lie around on our counters, weigh down our purses, and hide in our sofas.

You can make a difference by participating in "Coins for the Canines". Through Dec 23rd we would like you to collect your change. Pennies add up and there’s power in numbers.

Our ability to rescue more dogs is always limited by finances. Please click on the image below (it will open in a new window), save it, print it, and adhere it to a jar or container. Place the container in a visible location. If you wish, create multiple jars for home, your workplace, etc. Take a photo of your jar and send it to us for our 'Coins for the Canines' photo album!

On December 23, we will have a Count Your Coins post and ask you to post your change totals. Whether it’s $1, $10, or more – all those pennies will add up and there’s power in our numbers.

Sound silly? Let’s look at some facts:
  • It costs $10 to feed every dog at our facility each week.
  • With around 100 dogs, that totals about $4,000 a month in food alone.
  • Full initial veterinary care ON AVERAGE costs $300/dog.
  • If every fan (30,000) collected only $1 during these 23 days = $30,000
  • If half the fans (15,000) collected $3 during these 23 days = $45,000

Thank you for thinking of the dogs!

FYI: Because we obviously can't collect change across the world, when you have counted your change, you can then deposit it and donate the equivalent through our Donate link here:


  1. Good idea! I'm in and will be marking my calendar... and share! Thank you for doing thisQ

  2. Doing and Sharing!

  3. Making jars today with Lilly's everlasting picture and plee to lead other dogs to freedom. My neighbor loved the fundraising idea. We are teaming up to drop off 50 jars to neighbors and businesses in our local area to pick up by 12/23. She's making homemade dog bisquits, wrapped with holiday love to give as a thank you for coin donations. We can't wait to report what we've collected.

  4. I've gotten so I rarely use cash, but I have a bunch of coins at home in a piggy bank and some here in my desk drawer at work. I am going to gather it all up and donate it.